Sunday, June 15, 2008

DEDP - Division Education Development Plan

In keeping with the mission to improve the delivery of basic education and in line with the School Based Management (SBM) implementation, the Department of Education (DepED) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP)Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in Tagaytay City last June 13-14, 2008, the following DepED Bataan Officials and Personnel attended the said training-workshop:

Mr. Jessie D. Ferrer, Asst. Schools Division Superintendent
Mr. Edgar E. Garcia, Education Supervisor I, ICT
Mrs. Josefina T. Naguit, Division Planning Officer II

The activity aims to enhance the competencies of the Divisions in formulating development plans. Specifically, the participants are expected to:
a. identify issues and problems that affect effective and efficient delivery of basic education services in the Division;
b. develop awareness and capability in accomplishing report cards in the Division, District, School, Community Learning Centers, including Improvement Areas and Plan Requirements;
c. formulate a shared Vision, Mission and determine Strategic Goals and Objectives;
d. review organizational structure to determine ability to accomplish and to deliver the plan;
e. formulate Monitoring and Evaluation Plans and the advocacy framework to ensure commitment of stakeholders; and
f. produce a validated DEDP

By the end of the 6-month period, all divisions shall have prepared a validated and accepted DEDP with the following contents:
- Executive Summary
- Division Situational Overview
Division Situational Analysis
Division Strategic Plans
- Division Implementation Plans
- Monitoring & Evaluation

DEDP comprises the following phases
Phase 1 - Data Gathering, Validation and Interpretation (June 13-14, 2008)
Orientation: 2 Days
Practicum: 2 months
Phase 2 - Strategic Planning (August 16-22, 2008)
Workshop: 7 Days
Practicum: 1 month
Phase 3 - Planning for Implementation
Workshop: 6 Days
Practicum: 2 months

Phase 4 - Gearing for Implementation
Distribution of Handbooks

The first Phase practicum shall start immediately on June 16, 2008 and ends on August 16, 2008. Each division are expected to:
1. Organize Division Planning Committee (DPC)
2. Conduct Orientation, Gather Data and Validate Data
3. Prepare the following requirements for Phase 2:
- Data & Prioritization Map
- Division Consolidated Report
- Identified Problems
- District Consolidated Core Values and Vision Elements

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